Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hi everybody, It's been a long time, but not much is new. My brother and his wife came here for a visit a couple of weeks ago, hope they had fun but also hope they remember why they left in the first place. New York is a beautiful state, but also a very frustrating one also. The idiotic masses just elected a democratic Governor, I guess everyone forgot about the Italian, Mafia puppet, scum-ball, cuomo, and all his lovely taxation. Just a word of advice, on Jan. 1st don't get caught in the path of the mass evacuation when the new guy takes over. Tolls will cost a second mortgage, and gas prices will double, I can hardly wait. Oh, but we will be safe from ourselves! No child will be left behind, and nobody will ever die. If they do, we will all have a right to sue because we weren't warned with pictograph labels that an embrio could understand. I think we should get rid of child seats, bring back lead based paint, abolish driving while intoxicated, make cigarettes free, do away with bottle deposit, and most of all rip every last dam seat belt out of every last dam car. My point being, if we get rid of most of the toothless, nascar-pro wrestling watching, country music listening "people" out there we won't have to send half of our paychecks to the welfare office to support these morons! If there is lead paint, and no car seats, the ones that are stupid enough to stick around, won't be able to reproduce, and drag our economy (a.k.a. my paycheck) into the ground!

O.k, sorry about that, but as you can tell, I'm just a little upset with this tree-hugging state. Can't wait to run out of here like I have Ben-Gay on my privates, and Arizona has the antidote-soaked wet rag!!

Have fun out there, and remember, vote republican or get off my planet!

Jeb Bush in 08 two terms, then one of the twins, then bring back Ronnie!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The sky is falling!!!

Aww the poor weather channel! Ernesto is only a tropical storm.. I am getting really sick of every time there is a little upper level rotation of the cloud cover, we've got people in full gorton's fisherman type rain gear, standing in 80 degree sunshine telling us to run for the hills!!

Don't even get me started on Katrina! If I hear about that crap one more time.... So what you got a little rain and some wind! Pick up a goddam shovel and a hammer and fix it! Just sitting there waiting for the government to wave their wand and make it go away, lazy-drain on society-idiots! If there were a god, don't you think he would be telling you something? Get off my planet!

Oh well, I had better go, I think I see a cloud. Time to get out the sand bags, and wait for the government to save me.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"

Hi all you crazy people! I just have to share this little tidbit of my humdrum life. Over the course of this past weekend, I have had the opportunity to visit with my uncle who is in the hospital, and go to a wedding reception on the same day. Talk about diversity! Oh the joy of single fatherhood! Man, do I need a girlfriend to keep me from all this excitement! Just kidding, anyway, whilst visiting my uncle, an old teacher of my brothers stopped by also, and in trying to remember who I was, confused me with my brother. A very common occurrence around here, for some infuriating reason. But in telling her that in fact I was NOT my younger brother, I explained to her that my brother is now retired and living in AZ.. And her response, like EVERY other person I have told was.. " So what is he doing now" What part of RETIRED do you not understand? I have had lengthy conversations with some people, trying to tell them what the definition of retired is. I have gone so far in one instance to say "he does not work" and that person replied, " yea, but what does he do for a living?"

This is the point in my life when I wish I owned a pistol, or at least a pointed stick. How in the world can we rid the world of these ignorant people? Of course if we did, we wouldn't have much to entertain us. Like the news programs, or the democratic party, or Christianity!

Anyway, the wedding reception was fun, it was for a couple of friends of my mothers, who happen to work at the local school where both my brother and I attended, as well as my son. This is where things get fun! The principal of said school was introducing my daughter and I to the new social studies teacher. Where she did a great job! Except in getting any of our names right! She called me by my brothers name, she called my daughter by some other name that only shared two letters, and got my sons name completely wrong. Wow, I knew I didn't like her from the beginning, when she started working at the school as the PE instructor. We once caught her in the office with one of my friends, doing things that nowadays would get her flogged! Now she makes, 95,000 a year! (I'm always in the wrong line of work).

Oh well, I'm done for now, but if you ever meet me just say "Hey, you" don't try to remember my name, I'm obviously not memorable.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Still running (on empty)

Hi gang, just a quick update, I ran in, and completed, the boilermaker last weekend! I still can't believe it. The boilermaker, for those of you who don't know, is a 15k (9.3 mile) race through Utica. I ran the race in 1hr 34min, not bad for this old guy. I think the most fun of it all was watching all the people! there were 11,000 runners and just about as many spectators. They just shut the city down and have a really good time cheering on the runners, what a great time! I didn't even notice that I was in a race until about the 6th mile! I was just another red neck running down the streets of the big city, what a great time.
Thanks to my little brother for the pic, I looked in several places with no luck. Talk about technology, we were all wearing small chips on our sneakers to keep track of our real time. There were so many people, that after the starting gun (cannon, cool!) went off, we just stood there for 4 min. before we even began to even move! So the little chip was scanned when you crossed the start and finish line, fantastic. I can't wait to do it again next year!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hi race fans!

Hello gentle readers! I did it! I have been trying to take up running in the past month or so, and yesterday I competed in my first 10k race. I've done 2 other races, but only 5k races so far. For those of you (like me) who don't know, 5k is about 3.2 miles and 10k is of course, double.. Well I ran the 10 in 58 min. 35 seconds! Not bad for the first time running that distance in 25 years! I'm so happy I made it, I've had so many health problems in the past 6 or 7 years, I didn't think that this was remotely possible. Oh well, I feel better, I'm finaly thinner, and I can still walk. All in all, not a bad weekend.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hi gentle readers! It sure has been a long time. Much has happened in the past couple of months. My new job is great! I've lost about 25 lbs. My daughter was voted local fire queen, (and no that's not a guy in drag with a flame thrower!) thanks uncle Mark for that one... My son is almost as big as I am and he is only 12! ( please send donations for my grocery fund) holly crap teenagers can EAT! good thing I was NEVER like that.. sorry mom and dad.

I do have to say one thing about work, I fix most of the electronic equipment in the local hospital. Most of the aforementioned equipment is left in a pre-determined area for us to pick up. Now, as with anything that is not working properly, it is good to have some type of description of the problem. Now bear in mind I work with educated professionals, some with 7+ years of college under their belts, and the most descriptive explanation we get is a piece of tape on a smoldering piece of electronics which states "broke" ! Really?! I sure as hell know this piece of hospital grade equipment didn't combust because you were in such a hurry to put it to use! And for the love of Mark, use the english language properly, or get off my planet! at least add - en to "broke" and make your one word explanation of the non-workings of a complex piece of equipment correct grammaticaly! O.k. sorry about that. I feel better. take care out there, and please send money to my teenage grocery fund.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Greetings all, I'm proud to announce that I'm changing professions once again. I now have a good position at a local hospital, which I will start next monday. The best part about the new position is, I'm not in charge of anyone but myself!! I cannot wait to be one of the people that want to change my hours, take time off just because " I don't feel like comming in today" all of these things I have dealt with in the past week! I can't believe grown people act like children. I have to do two to three different stations at work, because the company is trying to save money, so I don't get much time to do anything extra. Like go to the bathroom or lunch, little things like that. But it sure is funny, since I've given my notice, I've heard some nice comments from my friends, but the best reactions have come from the people that I'm making lots of money for, the best one is " wow, we are going to save lots of money now, by not having to pay you!" gee, thanks. When I do get time to go to the bathroom, it is funny to pass people that are going out for their 5th smoke break of the morning, or are playing cards on the computer, or getting paid to read the newspaper, or trying to figure out what to order for lunch at 9 in the morning! I'm glad they are going to save money by my absence. Wow, I've never seen anything like it, I keep waiting for Alan Fundt to pop out of a corner and say "smile, you're on candid idiot" my own version, of a popular show which I have starred in for 40 plus years.

Have fun out there, and for gods sake, GO ON BREAK! you will make your company millions........